Mucker Capital invests in seed and "pre-seed" stage companies building defensible and scalable businesses in Internet software, services and media.


We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs who have deep domain expertise, principally in the greater Los Angeles area, to provide their earliest institutional funding and work side-by-side to help launch and scale their new ventures.  But, it is our conviction that we must provide more than just capital.  As operators and entrepreneurs ourselves, we roll up our sleeves and work with entrepreneurs in all parts of their businesses that need additional resources.


We work side-by-side with entrepreneurs in the areas most critical to the success for their new ventures –- product development, customer development, business development, operational infrastructure, and recruiting.

The Mucker Capital partners and network bring decades of experience as successful (and sometimes unsuccessful) entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in both Los Angeles and Silicon Valley to help our entrepreneurs succeed.

We act as a bridge to help entrepreneurs extend their sphere of influence beyond Southern California into Silicon Valley.  From customer development, partnerships, to fundraising, we help level the playing field for our portfolio companies.


Our name is inspired by Thomas Edison’s vision of creating a place where brilliant entrepreneurs and hackers can work together to create new and better products that either disrupted existing industries or created entirely new markets. Mucker Capital is named after the original hackers, the men who worked with Edison in his labs –- Thomas Edison’s “muckers.”

The name for Edison’s muckers is said to have come from Edison’s experiments to invent a better formulation for bricks.  Edison and his team spent more than a year testing different materials and binding agents, or “muck” as it was called at the time, before finally getting it right.  That’s when some first began referring to his researchers as “muckers,” and the name stuck.

Historians have often called the R&D laboratory Edison’s greatest invention. Before Edison came along, inventors typically worked alone and relied more on inspiration than a repeatable process.  Edison changed all that by effectively creating the modern innovation and commercialization laboratory by marrying a proprietary innovation process with a team of brilliant and ambitious young men from all over United States and Europe to work with him. Many muckers eventually moved on to become successful inventors and entrepreneurs themselves after spending time with Edison.

(Please note, we have no affiliation with Thomas Edison, his heirs, estate, or any foundations or other entities associated with his name and likeness.)