Adam Berke

I love working with entrepreneurs and aspiring companies to help them achieve their vision by providing investment, advisory board services, or by executing on discrete consulting projects.

I have 15+ years of operational experience building and leading product, marketing, sales, and account management organizations. Most recently, I was part of the founding team of AdRoll where I helped build the company brick by brick from $0 to over $350M in annual revenue and over 700 employees.

My greatest strength has always been versatility and the ability to straddle technical and business teams. As a product oriented CMO, I translate technical concepts into company strategy and positioning that resonates with customers and cuts through noise in the market. But I also love a good demand gen dashboard! I get my hands dirty digging in on content marketing, and the nitty gritty of customer acquisition and growth metrics (once upon a time I lived in Minitab.)

Marketing is increasingly the function that decides winners and losers. Go-to-market strategy, brand positioning, and data driven customer acquisition has never been more important for building competitive advantage. This is the golden age of technical marketing!

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